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According to  the TUBÚ HɄMMɄRIMASA Nation, the Great House (Casa Grande) is understood as the materialization of  Hummuri Bararo Patoré, Point and Origin of Change. This materialization arrives as a response to the longing of a nostalgic, chaotic and disorganized society. It materializes in this time and space, to propose a way to rebuild the unweaving of society. From the awareness gained from his pilgrimage as a form of thought, Tubú, now in this dimension, understands with his knowledge that it is necessary to make the call to complement - to accompany in harmony - to complement one another and propose a way to navigate  the dizziness of life. 

If you have any questions or want to delve into the project

The House of Dawn (the Great House - the house of everyone), proposes to generate a space for community building, where our elders and wisdomkeepers can share the healing stories, the songs, the dances and all the wisdom that accompanies our relationship with nature and Life. In this way, to fortify the process of the Great House (Casa Grande) is to secure a land that will have capacity to generate spaces of communication and education, to implement permaculture and agroecological practices from the Bioethnic vision, as well as to offer guidance in collective processes of healing and strengthening society, with the accompaniment of the elders of the TUBÚ HɄMMɄRIMASA Nation.

We want, as a first step, to acquire a physical land for the construction of the Great House of Dawn, as a response to the survival of the TUBɄ HɄMMɄRIMASA thought in an individualistic, nostalgic and disorderly society.
That is why we have opened this crowdfunding campaign
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